During 2008-2013, the foreign exchange market was scanned using self-programmed software. Transactions were opened and controlled fully automated. A fixed risk limit was also applied. PipShip was therefore able to guarantee investors a maximum amount of risk, but also a high return. This is why the company quickly provided signals to around 600 customers worldwide and eventually, 2.2 million US dollar was invested. Unfortunately still problems accured with trading fully automated. Because an automated system is not able to adjust itself, able to combine and weigth multiple ways of analysis. Fully automated trading or HF does not pay the bill, the end conclusion of a decade of work. At the end it’s the human intellect that makes the difference (vs the capabilities of automated trading).

Today new insights are used in PipShip’s Investing. Experience, different ways of analysis and excellent money management is used to achieve outstanding high performance results. Third party conformation is used to verify results.

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