You… Investing?

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Try to ask yourself the following questions…

  • Do you still feel oke when losing (temporary) 3% of your money invested? (No? Please, do not trade!)
  • You stay in trading with pipship by a fluctuation of maybe 7% of your account after gaining 19% (No? Drawdowns will occur!)
  • You don’t need any of the invested money for daily life expenditures right? (Equity account = extra capital you can afford yourself to lose)
  • You want to earn money on the long term. (months, years. Not days!)



  1. Please first create a free demo account on ZuluTrade on this page.
  2. With your demo account, go to ‘Traders’ then -> ‘Signal Provider Quick Search’.
  3. Fill in ‘pipship’.
  4. Then click: ‘Add to Portfolio’ or ‘Follow’.
  5. You ‘ll soon find out how to set a responsible trading ratio by addapting the number of lots/1000 virtual dollars by changing the risk-meter. (fill in different parameters to see what the effects are.)


After one month the demo account will be disabled. Do you feel secure about trading the pipship strategy for real?

  • minimum deposit = $ 1000,– (E 1000,–) (and bank account of …)


Please be carefull when using other Zulutrade SP’s in your trading portfolio!

The platform provides the opportunity for beginner SP’s to learn how to become a ‘professional SP’. When becoming a professional SP, trading for a decade, you are able to trade company funds. The SP will most likely stop his zulutrade activities and will focus on trading the company fund. Of course most beginner SP’s experience the difficulty of providing a stable return. At the end (almost) all beginner SP’s go down and become replaced in the ‘Zulutrade Performance Page’ or ‘Ranking List’ by an alternative new beginner SP (trading his account less than one year before also going down…). It’s not in the interest of professional SP’s providing signals to small accounts of retail traders. My biggest motivation to send signals to retail traders is because I have seen too many SP-accounts going down (and taking out the accounts of followers with them) at the time I was setting first steps in FX trading. Maybe at the end, I will also end up trading only large company funds. For now, Signals of PipShip are available for the public.